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A Family Owned Business

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Family Tradition

A family-owned business since 1980

It all begins and ends with Family. American Heritage Barn was founded on the principles and integrity that has been handed down to us through the generations. Our Dad, Hardy Langley, retired in the late 60‟s from a career as a semi driver with Ellis Trucking Company and Teamsters Union Executive. Growing up and living through the Great Depression as a young boy, he lost his dad who was a cabinet maker, at the age of 6. His mother was unable to support all of the kids so he learned life was difficult at a very young age.

He worked full time from the age of twelve, stood in the bread and soup lines, slept in doorways and scratched his way through with the help of his older brothers. He, along with our Momma. raised a large family (there were 8 children born to Hardy and Ruby Langley) and took in many children over the years – never turning anyone away. We lived on a farm and lived the “Little House on the Prairie‟ kind of life only dreamed of by most. We all had chores to do and we lived a very simple country life. We were taught respect, responsibility and to always put God first. One of the many sayings of our Dad was, “my kids are so close that if one gets cut, they all bleed”. It still stands true yet to this day. Carpentry had always been a part of, and one of our Dad‟s many talents.

In the early 1980’s, our Dad along with my brother Dusty, began a “barn building business‟. It quickly escalated to a full time growing company, big enough to put other family members to work and make a living. Soon a name and an identity were needed to make the business official. In deciding on a proper name, it was concluded that what we wanted to become was a traditional, all- American, down-home business backed by all the traditions and values we had ever hoped for and continue to stand for. Thus, American Heritage Barn was born. Our beloved Dad passed away suddenly in October of 1991. While devastation puts it mildly, as sad as loss can be, life does continue on. So with great effort, Dusty pulled himself up by the bootstraps and continued on, one step at a time. That is when I came on board in 1991 as the voice behind the phone office manager. 

Because of requests, we soon expanded to building all types of structures. Barn houses became very popular. Our traditional way of building has remained unique and very appealing to many. We take great pride in our work and in meeting the needs of what our customers are looking for. Esthetics are important. You want to let your eyes love what they see when you look at your home, or barn, or shed, or whatever dream we may be helping come true for you, our customers.

We are simple folk. We love God, America, and the traditional way. We now have the 4th generation working with us. All family owned. All family operated. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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